Experimentation is a two-way street.

Look Both Ways is a podcast about experimentation, world-changing ideas, and the willingness to get things wrong. Each episode follows a two act structure.

First, the unsung experiments of history: the ideas, attempts and prototypes often overlooked in favor of their more famous and successful siblings.

Act II then puts the spotlight on people today working to solve really complicated problems. Often the same types of problems our heroes in Act I were aiming for. 

Whether it’s transforming our energy grid, making cities more accessible, protecting endangered languages or feeding the planet without destroying it, our goal to offer a new perspective on present-day problems, one story at a time.

About your host

Scott Hermes is your average run-of-the-mill tech guy. Like most software architects, he has an MFA in Acting, has appeared on Jeopardy!, and is the 3rd victim in a straight-to-VHS cult classic slasher film. He has been working in the software business for 35 years. He began his tech career by manually moving 0’s and 1’s with a very tiny pair of tweezers until it was brought to his attention that programming languages exist to make things like that much easier.

About Kin + Carta

Kin + Carta is a digital transformation consultancy whose mission is to build a world that works better for everyone.